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Anti-Ageing.... Myth or Nutritional Science?


When we look at the word "Ageing" i.e. a natural but multi-dimensional phenomena associated with physical, psychological and social changes in an organism over time, often crosses our mind. Ageing has two basic aspects that is chronological and biological, one deals with how old an individual gets & the other with how your physical state responds to that growth. the thoughts of "Am I getting too wrinkely old? Am I getting ugly? wakes many of us up at night.

  • Among many factors which can effect how slow or fast this process may occur is "Nutritionally valued diet"a component of "Life style medicine", which is a diet based on a measure of well balanced ratio of required essential nutrients in food items you consume.

  • This modern era with challenges of meeting with the latest standards of beauty which are ever evolving, Both health & beauty industries have put forth many skin care products & procedures for the sole purpose of slowing down this process hence the concept of "Anti ageing" has been indoctrinated into our brains, but in all of this, the most beneficial dietary dimension with long lasting results is often under rated or neglected. 


When we dive deep into this cosmopolitan world obsessed with  anti ageing, to look ever green & youth full we come across two different peaks, one holds a slow paced "life style modification" approach which uses both nutritional rich diet and exercise to improve long term quality of living & the other is the land of delusion based on extreme & quick demands i.e. cosmetic/surgical procedures i.e. quickly "going under the knife" approach which is heavily based on  psycho-social factors. 

  • A study in 2023 suggested that individuals who adapted life style modification (balanced and nutritional dietary intake) had the chance of 24yrs life extension. 
  • While on the other hand in USA alone the total expenditure on surgical procedures has doubled i.e. more than 50%. without any long lasting or healthy results showing that,

"All that glitters is not Gold" 

3. ANTI-AGEING DIET: Do's Vs Don'ts

Among many by products produced in our bodies as a result of both our life style choices and environmental influences, "lipofuscin and harmful free radicals" (H-FRs) have been considered among the most prominent ones which assist in aging process as backed up by many evidence based theories of aging. 

These free radicals are often produced by consuming junk/fast food, frozen/raw meat or food items containing preservatives furthermore these are also involved in diseases progression. 

 a. Free Radicals producing Don'ts:

    1. Oxidized fats/junkie carbs
    2. Alcohol
    3. Smoking cigarette
    4. Overcooked or burnt meat
    5. Moldy/expired nuts/grains
    6. Air Pollutants


b. Free Radicals preventing Do's:

Substances that eliminate the life threatening effects of oxidation are known as "Antioxidants" and these are the type of healthy life food items which help in removal of free radicals from body. Food rich in Vitamin C, E and Beta carotene which our body uses to make Vitamin A are the natural sources of Antioxidants. Studies show that there is significant relation between intake of vitamin C with system development and immune response.

Vitamin C rich food:  

  1. Bell paper (341mg)
  2. Broccoli (132mg)
  3. Strawberry (85mg)
  4. Kale (80mg)
  5. Pineapple (78mg)
  6. Kiwi (64mg)              

Vitamin E rich food: 

  1. Hazelnuts (15mg)
  2. Avocado ( 12mg)
  3. Sun flower seeds (11mg)
  4. Almonds (7.4mg)
  5. Spinach (2.1mg)
  6. Olive oil (1.9mg)


When we look at the latest available literature which introduces us to the role and types of anti or healthy ageing dietary options which also aid in prevention of chronic diseases. it is suggested by many nutritionist and medical professionals to consume Functional foods having good nutritional values as these are rich in "bio-active compounds". Among these Anti-aging dietary options include;

a. Mediterranean Diet: 

Mediterranean area has been linked with decreased rates of chronic illness (low risk of Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases associated with obesity) and increased life expectancy.  Many researches have shown that this diet positively effects the molecular pathways that dictate age. 

  • Consequently, it has been associated with a lower chances of neurodegenerative and oncological diseases which progress with age. 
  • Some bioactive compounds in it include vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, fiber, nitrates, PUFAs and mono-unsaturated fatty acids that in combination or separately are beneficial to health.  

Some of the major food items of this diet which are anti oxidant in nature include:

  1. Olive oil (Extra virgin preferably) 
  2. Berries (rasp berries and strawberries)
  3. Honey 
  4. Fish oil 
  5. Unprocessed nuts.  
So, in conclusion we can say that "EAT YOUR FOOD LIKE MEDICINE OR YOU WILL EAT YOUR MEDICINE LIKE FOOD" as your Nutritional choices in life will clearly dictate how and when you will age.

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